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"If you can stand behind the block and think, ā€˜Iā€™m fastest, so no-one else can beat me here.ā€™ then in your mind you can tick people off. You can gain that mental advantage to help you beat a certain person."
Winning Words by Kirsty Balfour - European Champion swimmer
Kirsty Balfour - European Champion swimmer
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The WinningZine, Edition 71 - November 2014

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Murray Set For Glasgow - And More Slams in 2015?
Davis Cup Captain Is Hoping For A Happy New Year
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Lyall Still A Leading Light
Gillian Takes To The Beach
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New Agenda For Tynes
Tynes Looks Forward
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Broughton Squads Ready To Shine
After Five Years, Football Is Flourishing At Performance School
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